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Cloanto MenuBox 5.2.2

Cloanto MenuBox 5.2.2 | 5.6 MB

MenuBox is the powerful and compatible browser container for web applications, AutoRun projects and more. Leverage your web design experience to create sophisticated multimedia content, HTML pages that look and feel like application dialogs, "chromeless" browser windows, application and document launchers, or quickly build text-based menus.

Features in Brief
- Designed to be compatible, reliable and powerful, and to allow you to be up and running in minutes, not hours
- Widely deployed and tested, used on millions of CDs and DVDs
- Complex HTML content can be created with existing authoring experience and tools
- MenuBox HTML windows feature an extended DOM (e.g. to launch applications or to close the MenuBox window via HTML and scripting, without warning messages) and kiosk mode functionality (automatic reset, disabling of mouse text selection and context menus, etc.), and supports internet-enabled input devices (events for Back, Forward, Home, etc.)
- Text-based approach (alternative to HTML) is powerful, yet lightweight and easy to master
- MenuBox text windows include support for custom window attributes (e.g. size, borders, full screen), application title and icon, color depth-optimized bitmaps, mouseover help texts, sound effects, launching programs, opening URLs, minimized/maximized options, printing documents, browsing directories, checking for software updates, etc.
- Quietly takes care of numerous details (involving paths, messaging, spawning, etc.) required for compatibility with different applications and operating system versions (not the usual "ShellExecute wrapper")
- Extends the original AutoRun specification (which applies to executable files) by also allowing documents to be automatically opened when the medium is inserted
- Conditional code can be used to display messages, install recommended software (e.g. viewer for PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Flash, AVI or MPEG, or VB runtime), branch to text window, etc.
- Multilingual support: automatically open localized documents and menu windows based on system language
- Sandboxed, publisher-unique nonvolatile variables (persistent across reboots): display one-time messages, skip procedures that have already completed, etc.
- Can be used to fulfill AutoRun requirement of Windows Logo programs
- Redistributable runtime code is digitally signed using Authenticode (as AutoRun is increasingly perceived as a potential security risk, some policies may prevent the running of unsigned applications)
- Single, royalty-free, compact redistributable runtime file

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