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Break on Through
Alaric (Matthew Davis), possible psychopathic serial killer, undergoes a CAT scan. Meredith (Torrey DeVitto) is hopeful there's a medical cause she can treat.

She tells Elena (Nina Dobrev) she suspected Alaric after he mentioned his ring. She remembered something her grandmother had told her about Samantha Gilbert and her secret journal. She felt bad he couldn't control himself. She wants to help.

In the CAT scan, Alaric contemplates his possibly killer reflection and freaks out. He takes a deep breath and goes stone-faced. The results show everything is normal.

Alaric tells Elena he doesn't believe he killed anyone, but he also doesn't want the ring anymore.

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) stops by, nonchalant about the whole thing. Elena immediately brings up seeing Stefan feed on a woman. Damon says he made Stefan (Paul Wesley) do it because they're vampires, "predators, not puppies."

"Stefan has built himself a delusional wagon which he has repeatedly fallen off of, what he needs to learn is control," Damon says.

Elena suggests Damon's not the right person to be giving lessons in self-control.

Caroline (Candice Accola) comes to Abby's house with a cooler full of blood. Abby (Persia White) isn't handling the transition well, she's rattled by not being able to feel her witchy connection to nature anymore. Bonnie (Kat Graham) doesn't know how to help her.

Alaric, Meredith and Damon head to the Wickery Bridge, which is being rebuilt. Half the town is there. They notice Rebekah (Claire Holt) has been asking a lot of questions lately.

"Tell me again why we're here?" Alaric asks. "Ric, the world can't stop just because you're an accidental psycho killer," Damon says.

Carol (Susan Walters) wants the sign for the bridge from Alaric. He forgot about it.

Damon notices his old vampire pal Sage (Cassidy Freeman), his "hottest teacher". Rebekah saunters over. She guesses Sage is in town looking for her brother, Sage's lost love, Finn. She tells Sage that Finn left town.

Back at the house, Stefan pours himself a glass of blood but is interrupted by Elena. She came by to get the book about Samantha. She asks how he's doing and offers to help, but he's not receptive.

Stefan recaps the book for her: Samantha Gilbert was committed to an insane asylum, tried to give herself a lobotomy with a knitting needle, and bleed to death in her cell. He says if it's the same thing that's happening to Alaric, there's nothing they can do. She leaves him to his blood.

Sage and Damon take a stroll. Finn turned Sage long ago so they could be together forever, but Klaus broke them up by daggering Finn and putting him in a coffin. Damon knows Rebekah is up to something. Sage suggests they get in her head and find out. She thinks they can get in when her defenses are down.

Back at the bridge, Damon flirts with Rebekah. He invites her over and uses all his best moves.

Caroline checks on Abby's surrogate son Jamie, who's outside avoiding her. Caroline realizes he's scared of Abby. She tells him Abby needs his support.

Elena calls Caroline because Bonnie is still dodging her calls. She tells her something terrible has happened. She needs Bonnie's help.

Back at Elena's, Alaric looks through Meredith's files on him. He goes through the police reports, saying he was defending people in most of them. There's something not in the reports. He tells her he was the one who slayed her vampire cousin Logan Fell.

She asks why he never tried to kill Damon. He says he did. Damon killed him.

Damon comes home and finds Stefan gorging on blood. Stefan's angry at Damon for what he said to Elena. Damon warns Stefan to make himself scarce unless he wants to be part of a "Sage-Rebekah sex sandwich".

Jamie comes inside to build a fire and gives Abby a hug. Unfortunately, Abby gets a whiff of his blood and vamps out, biting him. He screams. Bonnie comes running, throwing Abby off him. Abby realizes what she's done and is horrified.

Damon and Sage wait for Rebekah to arrive at the Salvatore mansion. He tells her Finn isn't coming back. Rebekah arrives with wine. Sage and Damon start their own dance party. Rebekah chews on the piano player. Damon joins her. He starts to kiss her, telling her he wants her, not Sage. The plan is working perfectly.

Bonnie finds Abby outside, bringing her a bag of blood. Abby wants to leave. Bonnie convinces her they need her. Caroline reports Jamie is healed thanks to some vampire blood. Now, she needs a favor.

At the house, Alaric gives Elena a list of all his bank accounts and passwords, just in case. Caroline calls, saying Abby thinks they can reverse the damage with a spell. Bonnie's on her way, but doesn't feel chatty.

Bonnie needs something he wore before the spell. He suggests his wedding ring back at his loft. Elena goes to get it.

Naked Rebekah dozes in bed with Damon. Sage sneaks in and reads her thoughts. Damon sneaks out of bed and into the shower with Sage. She shows Damon Rebekah's thoughts about the white oak tree.

Downstairs, Damon starts looking for their old milling records. He asks Sage to go upstairs and keep Rebekah distracted.

He finds records from 1912. There's an entry about Wickery bridge.

Elena arrives at Alaric's and finds Stefan waiting. She thinks he doesn't want to be around her, but he tells her he just can't be around her because he's not in control.

He found newspaper articles about Samantha Gilbert. She killed a nurse and a guard when she was in the mental hospital, where she had no personal effects, not even the ring. So the behavior could happen even without the ring.

Cut to Alaric waking up on Meredith's couch. He gets up and drains her tranquilizer syringes.

Damon burns the 1912 book. Sage reports Rebekah is gone. He tells her the book showed the white oak was used to make the Wickery bridge. She points out this is a problem for her, because of Finn. She threatens him. He offers a deal, she helps him kill Rebekah and he'll leave Finn alone.

Going through Alaric's things looking for the ring, Stefan and Elena find pictures of Alaric's victims.

Damon comes down after getting dressed and finds Sage is gone.

Stefan finds a file on Jeremy Gilbert. There's a note telling him to continue on his work and cleanse the council. It reads like a hit list of council members.

Elena finds Alaric's wedding ring.

At Meredith's house, Alaric confronts her coolly and asks if she feels remorse, as a member of the council who didn't protect the town from vampires. He picks up a knife and approaches her. He lunges at her and slices her. She pours hot coffee on him and runs. He chases her up the stairs and tries to lock herself in the bathroom. She stabs him in the hand with scissors and locks the last door. Meredith's cut badly.

Damon tears into town and finds Rebekah standing at the Wickery bridge as it burns. She taunts him and saunters off. Sage is there. She points out he lied to her. Since all the originals are linked, Finn would die if Rebekah did. She read his thoughts, too. He threatens to kill her, but he's no match for her 900 years. Damon tells her about Finn volunteering to kill himself to end them all.

Angrily, Damon promises when he finds a way to kill them all, he'll start with Finn.

Stefan and Elena return to the house and notice something amiss. Alaric comes down the stairs with his hand bandaged. He says Meredith got called to the hospital. He hurt his hand on a coffee mug. Elena lies about meeting up with Stefan and finding his ring.

He says he's going to get it. She sees the bloody knife. Before he can do anything, Stefan chokes him from behind, knocking him out.

Stefan smells blood and goes upstairs, telling Elena he's going to need her help.

They find Meredith passed out and covered in blood. Stefan immediately vamps out. He then takes a moment and gets it under control. He feeds Meredith his blood.

Alaric wakes up in bed with Damon watching over him. Damon tells Alaric that Bonnie did a spell. Alaric notices his hand is hurt and asks if something happened. Damon tells him he has an alter-ego hell bent on killing council members. Alaric asks about Meredith. Damon says she'll be fine.

Bonnie finds Elena. Abby says all the dying and coming back might have chipped away at Alaric's psyche. She gives Elena herbs to bind the spell. Elena asks about Abby. Bonnie says she's going to go stay with her. Elena apologizes again. Bonnie hugs her forgives her.

Back at the house, Jamie and Caroline plant the garden. Caroline finds Abby inside writing a letter. Caroline realizes she's leaving. Abby says she doesn't know how to do this.

"Be a vampire or be a parent?" Caroline demands, saying she can teacher her how to be a vampire. She tells her Bonnie is not better off without her. She asks her to stay, but Abby picks up her things and leaves.

Elena contemplates her empty house. She calls Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen). She doesn't tell him about Alaric, but says she misses him.

At home, Stefan has a drink in the morning. He's toasting control.

Stefan notices Damon is feeling chipper. He unveils his package: Alaric's sign for the Wickery Bridge made from the white oak tree. They have a weapon. "Game's back on, brother. Let's go kill some originals," Damon says.

The Vampire Diaries S03E17 720p WEB-DL DD5.1 H.264-KiNGS



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