GlobalX Terrain offers an extensive range of Victorian property information and spatial searching services to ensure you can find the right information fast.

Top searches available in Victoria:

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  • Survey Reports
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  • Browse the register by:
    • Volume/Folio
    • Address
    • Owner Name
    • Plan (optional lot)
    • SPI
    • Council Property Number
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  • Title Search (Current, Historical, Cancelled)
  • Instrument
  • VicRoads Plan & Field Notes
  • Convert Lot Plan to Volume Folio
  • Manual Search
    • We have access to thousands of searches across Australia, including ASIC, valuation reports, titles and plans from other states. Let’s see if we can assist you.

Our online system provides visual results through map based searching, ensuring that each session on our site is intuitive to you as a property planning professional.

Additionally, GlobalX Terrain has no upfront or ongoing fees, you simply pay for what you purchase.

Victorian product offering:

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  • No upfront or ongoing fees
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