Chapter 5: Michael Croft

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Michael Croft is from Croft Surveying and Mapping in the NSW city of Armidale. With interest in how new technology is going to be adopted and implemented, Michael sees the value in investing in new technologies that improve how he can do his job. Michael also shares about the comradery that is prevalent among surveyors, and how this benefited him in his early days starting out in the industry.

Chapter 4: Bill Currie

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Bill Currie is from Barnson in Mudgee, NSW and has been surveying for 45 years. He particularly loves the landscape of rural subdivisions and the excitement of finding old survey marks left by surveyors over 100 years ago. As an avid story teller, Bill tells some life threatening tales that he’s faced out on the field.

Chapter 3: Tony Cullane

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Tony Cullane is from Michel Group Services on the Gold Coast, QLD. Tony is passionate about and shares his thoughts on why the surveying profession is at risk of declining. Technology however is rapidly advancing making surveying, especially in a fast developing city like the Gold Coast, more efficient and assists in coping with less professionals.

Chapter 2: Paul Cechellero

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Paul Cechellero has run Hill & Blume Surveyors in Sydney, for 10 years. He shares his secrets, and how by focusing on his strengths and having the right people around him, he has grown a successful surveying business. He talks about where the profession has come from, from the days of the Pyramids, and how it is changing into the future with growing technology.

Chapter 1: Mike Stapleton

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Mike Stapleton works for Landdata Surveys in Canberra, ACT. Do you want to know what it’s like surveying in our capital city? You survey the flag pole at Parliament House, or planes in the National War Memorial, tells Mike. He also shares some stories about the start of his career, back in his home country of South Africa.